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Snapshots for SBUML Demos

Miscellaneous Computation Snapshots

screenshot of many-eyes snapshot
Many Eyes (1.3MB delta)
: An arrangement of xeyes that should only be arranged once.

screenshot of tetris snapshot
Tetris (2.3MB delta)
: Nice slow screen updates for early sbuml debugging. This example also clearly demonstrates that sbuml does not save the xterm state. It is necessary to type control-L to make emacs refresh the xterm.  This snapshot also can demonstrate system time issues.  If the host clock is set before when this snapshot was created (January 19th, 2004) the Tetris pieces will not fall.

screenshot of top cmd snapshot
Top (0.2MB delta from Tetris)
: The top command is good for demonstrating sbuml restoring several machines quickly because it quickly refreshes the xterm screen after each machine is restored.

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