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General Information:

Quick Demos requiring a 3MB download; No root access required:
(These demonstrations use Toms filesystem.)

  • Quick Demo: Basics presents a step by step demonstration of using SBUML to save and restore snapshots of UML virtual machines.
  • Quick Demo: Web Page Snapshots shows how to setup SBUML so that complete preconfigured Linux runtime states can be downloaded and restored from web pages with one mouse click.
  • Quick Demo: Punt&Catch demonstrates simple Linux machine migration by tossing around a running UML between two (or more) physical machines that have SBUML installed.

Quick Demos that require minimal root access:

  • The Quick Demo: Networking page walks through how to set up UML's uml_net utility and use tun/tap networking with SBUML.

And with an additional 222MB download:

  • The rh72c distribution page explains how to install a large enough Linux distribution to do more interesting demonstrations with GUIs, servers, end-user apps, programming, etc.

Once the above is installed and working, the complete preconfigured Linux state in snapshots, such as the ones below, can be downloaded and restored with one click:

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